Individual Class Sessions 2018/19 School Year

While we do believe the best learning and life transforming experience we have to offer is wrapped up in SOKE YEAR 1, we understand that some people’s life schedule prevents them from attending an entire 8 months. It’s because of that that SOKE Collective was birthed. We are taking some of our powerful curriculum series from SOKE YEAR 1 and offering them in specific sessions, as follows:

  • Kingdom Identity
  • Culture of Honor
  • Kingdom Culture Core Values
  • Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry
  • Hosting the Presence

Each session varies from 4-10 class sessions.  The 2017/18 tentative schedule is listed below.  For more information, email


Kingdom Identity I 4 Basic Sessions I Cost: $200 (Includes The Cure Book) 
We were created ON PURPOSE and for a PURPOSE!  If the enemy can steal our purpose (John 10:10), he keeps us from living out a victorious and abundant life!  Once we know who God created us to be, we can begin truly making our lives count!  Why waste another die with false mindsets about yourself?  You only have ONE LIFE...Make It Count!
Dates: 4 Sessions/TBD I 6:00-9:00PM

Culture of Honor I 6 Sessions I Cost: $290 (includes Culture of Honor Book) 
A Culture of Honor is created as a community of people learns to discern and receive people in their God-given identities. We, as children of God, were not called to cast judgments on others but rather to love them into the Kingdom. The fruit of establishing a culture of honor is healing, restoration, wholeness, blessing, hope and joy. This training teaches us what honor is and how to begin walking out a lifestyle of honor.
Dates: 6 Sessions/TBD I 6:00-9:00PM
Prerequisite:  Kingdom Identity

Kingdom Culture Core Values I 8 Sessions I Cost: $380 (includes Core Values Booklet)
In order to intentionally live out a kingdom culture in the earth, we must examine our core values.  Core values are the guiding principles that dictate our thoughts, actions and, ultimately, our lives.  Once we correctly align our paradigms to the ways of God and His Kingdom, we perfectly position ourselves to live fully and powerfully in the earth!
Dates: 7 Sessions/TBD  I 6:00-9:00PM
Prerequisites:  Kingdom Identity/Culture of Honor